advanced store

Founded in 2008, advanced store brings CPA-based Performance Display & Retargeting Advertising solutions to market. We help over 600 advertisers, global brands and thousands of publishers worldwide in distributing and using their media budgets efficiently by With our cloud-based and AI-controlled platform, we form the technological interface between advertisers and publishers. In doing so, we follow different paths and offer access to web, mobile, streaming & digital-out-of-home (DOOH). We create industry-specific display, native and social campaigns. From media planning to campaign set-up to ongoing optimisation, we take care of our client’s campaigns and only bill them according to their success. We have been bringing performance based solutions for the retail, travel, telco & finance sectors onto the market since 2008. With our knowledge of the requirements of both advertisers & publishers, we help large and small brands around the world to distribute and use their media budgets efficiently and transparently.

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