Who Can Enter?

The awards are eligible to all advertisers, publishers, media owners, agencies, networks, startups, technology providers or individuals from across the globe in the performance marketing ecosystem. UK based entries will once again be eligible for submission but must show advancements to entries if they were entered in the PMAs and fall within the stated entry dates, 12 months prior to the Last Chance Deadline.

If you are submitting entries for multiple categories, please ensure each entry is adapted to fit the requirements by using the category-specific templates provided in the Entry Kit.

Download the Entry Kit now to find out the full criteria and eligibility for each category.

What Is Eligible?

All entries must present documentation to confirm all work has taken place within the 12 months leading to the final entry deadline of 03.09.20

When Are the Entry Deadlines?

The Earlybird entry deadline is 06.08.20

The Regular entry deadline is 20.08.20

The Final entry deadline is 03.09.20

How Much Are the Entry Fees?

The Earlybird entry fee is £195 + VAT per entry.

The Regular entry fee is £295 + VAT per entry.

The Final entry fee is £395 + VAT per entry.

How Do I Complete My Entry?

We are pleased to announce that for 2020, our entry process will take place entirely online and you will not be required to complete a template or submit a PDF entry. When entries open on July 7th, all entries will need to be completed online*.

All applicants will be required to create an account. This will then give you access to all of your entries and show you how you’re progressing. You’ll also be able to update your entries even after you’ve submitted them (prior to the price increase). So you don’t need to worry about your client sending an update at the 11th hour after you’ve already submitted the application!

When entries are open from July 7 onwards, you will see a button at the top of our site saying ENTER NOW. From here, you will be able to register and complete your entry.

* We will not be accepting PDF entries moving forward. All entries will need to be completed online. Please contact the Events Team if you would like any more guidance on this: events@performancein.com.

Where can I find the entry template?

This year and moving forward, we will not be accepting PDF entries. All entries will need to be completed online via a text form. The heading you will need to use can be found in the entry kit or via your online account.

We do encourage our entrants though to use their creative flair towards a well designed 1 page PDF of supporting evidence. This isn’t mandatory and should only be used to support the information being held in the main online entry. There will also be a section to easily link URLs and videos.

Please contact the Events Team if you would like any more guidance on this.

Can I Include a Video in My Entry?

Yes! We’re delighted to announce that with moving to our new online system, you will now be able to include a video link as part of your entry.

All sections will still need to be completed, please do not use the video as a replacement for text in the entry boxes as all of these sections have marks to be gained. The video should only be used to support what you’re already saying in your entry.

Please upload your video to a hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo and then paste the URL into the box indicated when completing your entry.

Don’t forget to include any passwords in your entry if they’re required!

Can I edit my entry?

Yes. You can edit your entry via your account up until your chosen entry deadline date. You may edit after this date however you will need to pay the difference between your original submission rate and the rate when you edit. The final deadline is 03.09.20.

Can I Withdraw an Entry?

Written requests for entry withdrawal is permissible before the shortlist is released; however, we will not provide refunds after the Final Deadline of 03.09.20.

What Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available?

If you are interested in sponsorship for the 2020 event, we have Welcome Drinks, Photobooth, Shortlist Drinks and Category sponsorship available.

Contact Drew or Mark in the Sales Team on sales@performancein.com and we will be able to provide you with the Sponsorship Pack which presents the benefits, your plan and what is required. You are also able to download from our site here.

Can I Enter the Same Campaign into Both UK and International Awards?

Submissions for the UK awards are eligible for entry in the Western Europe categories for the October ceremony. If your work is based towards the UK market, entering the International Performance Marketing Awards allows you to compete with the best campaigns from across the continent.

The campaign activity must have taken place in the last 12 months prior to the Last Chance Entry Deadline of the 03.09.20 and demonstrate a considerable improvement in results since the original submission.

How Are the IPMA’s Different to the PMA’s?

The PMA ceremony is exclusively for campaigns based towards the UK market. In comparison, the International Awards recognise the exceptional results from across the globe.

How Are the Awards Judged?

An independent panel of experts will individually score submissions according to a set criteria. Once all scores are collated, a remote judging day will take place to decide the overall winners.

The Technology, Team & Agency is split between 60% judges scores and 40% via the public vote.

How Can I Attend?

Tables and individual seats can be booked online with a credit or debit card. Equally, if you would like to pay via invoice please contact the sales team on sales@performancein.com

Can I Get a Refund on My Booking?

If you wish to cancel your table or seat you can do so within 15 days of confirmation of booking at no cancellation charge, otherwise, the following scale of charges shall apply to cancellation by you without cause;

  1. if the company cancels over six months prior to the event, a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total contract shall apply or
  2. if the company cancels between three months and six months prior to the event, a cancellation fee equal to 75% of the total contract shall apply or
  3. if the company cancels within three months of the event a cancellation fee equal to 100% of total contract shall apply.


Download the Entry Kit

Includes essential entry guidance, criteria and judges advice.

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