Industry Testimonials

“The GPMAs are always a great curtain-raiser for PI Live, and they are especially interesting for Gen3 as they offer an opportunity to showcase not only our global credentials but also highlight excellence in other regions of the world. They provide a window into how the global performance marketing industry is developing.”

Bruce Clayton – Senior Vice President – Gen3 Marketing

“Being recognized at the GPMAs is a mark of executing a successful and one-of-a kind campaign that goes above and beyond best practices. There is enormous cooperation, creativity, and flexibility required between various teams across brands, agencies, partners, and technology platforms to manage an award-worthy project.”

Sasha Shimazu – Director of Affiliate Marketing – Neo Media World

“The Global Performance Marketing Awards shows how diverse the industry is, bringing solid case studies that can enlighten and assist several brands to select the right partner to scale it’s performance marketing strategy.”

Matheus Campos – Sr Partnerships Manager Americas (US & LATAM) – Savings United

“I am super happy to return to the judging panel this year. The Global Performance Marketing Awards are international, showcasing the best global campaigns, cutting-edge technology, and innovative breakthroughs that define the industry’s landscape.”

Julius Ewig – Managing Director – InGoodCompany GmbH

“It was amazing to be shortlisted for such a prestigious award and to be amongst so many creative SaaS based companies. The interest in Shoptimised has certainly been boosted since we won and we’re delighted with some of the great business wins off the back of it.”

John Cave – Co-Founder and Director – Shoptimised

“It’s a great honour to be shortlisted for the Global Performance Marketing Awards . They are the stand-out awards that recognise and award excellence in international performance marketing space, showcasing the best campaigns, technology and innovation from across the industry. The event offers a unique opportunity to celebrate success from across the industry and network with key industry stakeholders.”

Sophie Parry-Billings -Associate Director, Marketing – Acceleration Partners