advanced store

Founded in 2008, advanced store brings CPA-based Performance Display & Retargeting Advertising solutions to market. We help over 600 advertisers, global brands and thousands of publishers worldwide in distributing and using their media budgets efficiently by creatively achieving their individual campaign goals. As a company with its own EU-funded technology advanced store is dedicated to fully automate Online Marketing solutions in the future. That’s why the team of 42 experts develops their own AI-driven media technology connecting multiple DSPs & SSPs for complete reach and a data-based user approach.
Built upon nearly two decades of experience, the company’s diverse suite of products generates over 100 million ad impressions per day across finance, telecommunication, retail & shopping, travel, energy and other verticals. To quote the CEO Marc Majewski, advanced store is poised to challenge the way Affiliate Marketing is done to exploit its full potential by following new strategies and ideas.

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