Entry Criteria

Who Can Enter?

There are no geographical restrictions for the Global Performance Marketing Awards. Anyone in the performance marketing sector can enter categories on the basis that the campaign activity reaches consumers in a specified region. The awards are open to performance marketers, including advertisers, publishers, media owners, agencies, networks, startups, technology providers and individuals.

Entries can be submitted directly by the company or via an authorised agent such as the network, agency or PR agency.

Digital Applications

When entries open, all entries will need to be completed online.

All applicants will be required to create an account. This will then give you access to all of your entries and show you how you’re progressing. You’ll be able to set up an account and view the online platform before submitting.

You’ll also be able to make small edits to entries even after you’ve submitted them (prior to the price increase). So you don’t need to worry about your client sending an update at the 11th hour after you’ve already submitted the application!

Entrants will still be able to upload supporting evidence and images as previously. There will also be a section to easily link URLs and videos.

Guidance for Video Links

You will be able to include a video link as part of your entry.

All sections will still need to be completed. Please do not use the video as a replacement for text in the entry boxes as all of these sections have marks to be gained. The video should only be used to support what you’re already saying in your entry.

Please upload your video to a hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo and then paste the URL into the box indicated when completing your entry.

Don’t forget to include any passwords in your entry if they’re required!

Guidance for Campaign Based Awards

Judges are seeking the ‘best of the best’ campaigns from across all regions.

As with previous years, the campaign can be targeted at consumers in one or more countries. 

Campaigns entered into the UK awards may be entered into the Global Performance Marketing Awards, though please be aware that the campaign activity must have taken place between 11/02/21 and the 11/07/22 and demonstrate a significant increase or change from the previous entry.

Guidance for Regional Awards

For the regional awards, here is a list of each region:

  • US & Canada
  • APAC
  • LATAM – Including Brazil sub-region
  • MENA
  • Europe

The submitted entry can be managed from any country or region. To ensure your entry is eligible, make sure the campaign or strategy targets consumers in one or more countries in a particular region (i.e APAC).

There is no requirement for the activity to be multi-country.


The campaign activity must have taken place between 11/02/21 and the 11/07/22. The entry must be results driven on a chosen performance marketing metric. Hybrid or tenancy type campaigns are eligible for entry submission, providing there is some cost per acquisition/ performance-based activity attached.

Withdrawing an Entry

Entries may be withdrawn up until the Last Chance Entry Deadline of 11/07/22 and will be eligible for a full refund. After this date, entries can be retracted until the shortlist is announced but the entry fee will be non-refundable.

Commercial Confidence

One of the biggest reasons for point deduction by judges is not including clear evidence of commercial success and ROI, which is especially problematic for an awards ceremony that has been geared around measurable marketing. More information and greater transparency will enable the judges to score you fairly.

To alleviate concerns, we require all judges to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and they will not be able to judge a category that their company has entered. Any conflicts of interest are also challenged and disclosed before assigning entries.

Where stated that content cannot be marked as Judges Eyes Only (JEO) in the entries, please note that this information may become public should you win. This information is used by our content and marketing team to help with elements such as winner bios, post-event communications and development of the Book of The Night.

Should you have any questions about commercial confidence, please get in touch with the event Founder and Managing Director of PerformanceIN, Matthew Wood on +44 117 990 2940.