Best Managed Affiliate Programme – Western Europe

About the Award

Understanding the diversity and nuances of the affiliate marketing channel is paramount to running a successful programme.

With this award, judges will be looking for competent and holistic management of an individual brand’s affiliate programme within the region by an OPM, full-service agency, in-house team or affiliate network.


– Executive Summary (Not JEO)
– Clear Objectives
– Innovation and Creativity
– The Human Touch
– Smart Execution
– Results and Effectiveness
– Sound Bites (Not JEO)

Entry Guidance:

The affiliate programme can be managed from any country or region. The entry will qualify as long as the affiliate programme targets consumers in one or more countries within the specified region (i.e. LATAM). There is no requirement for the activity to be multi-country. When writing your entry please ensure you answer each element of the judging criteria and refer back to your objectives and how you met them within Smart Execution and/or Effectiveness and ROI.

There is no requirement for the activity to be multi-country.

Campaigns entered into the UK awards in August may be entered into the Western Europe category, enabling you to compete with other companies across the rest of Europe. However, the campaign activity for the entry must have taken place between the awards activity period of 12 months prior to the final entry deadline of 16.07.20 and must demonstrate an increase/change to the results from when it was last entered.


Advertisers, Agencies, Publishers, Networks and Tech

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Optimise Media for

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