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Entry Criteria

  1. Decide which categories you could shine in with your show-stopping campaigns and excellent work by viewing the options below.
  2. Read the entry guidelines carefully and complete the templates, including the new cover page, for your chosen categories and then convert to PDF. We recommend that you use the bespoke entry forms provided to ensure you don’t lose marks by missing any key sections.
  3. If you do design your own templates, don’t forget to include the new cover page provided with each bespoke template and PDF to one document. Also, remember to get sign off (especially from brands) early so you don’t miss the deadlines.
  4. The completed entry may be accompanied by a single piece of supporting evidence if you feel it adds value to your entry. This should be no more than one page of A4. For example, you could include a link to a supporting video, an infographic or screenshot of an out-of-home campaign.
  5. If part of your entry contains a video, host it online using a service such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox or your own server, and include the URL in the supporting evidence box (along with the password if access is protected).
  6. Return to the website, complete the online form and upload your PDF, supporting evidence (if applicable) and a vector .eps or .ai logo for each partner involved in this entry (maximum of three) by midnight 10 July for our earlybird fee or 17 July for our regular entry deadline.
  7. Entries made after this date will need to pay the Last Chance entry fee. The late chance entry deadline is midnight 24 July 2018.
  8. Complete your payment details. Once your application has been received you will be emailed confirmation of entry along with a VAT receipt.

That’s it! Shortlist announced 11.09.19.

Speak to us about securing your spot on the floor – the earlier you book the better the position.

Any queries should be relayed to Amy Brennan on +44 117 990 2910.

Who Can Enter?

There are no physical boundaries with the International Performance Marketing Awards. Anyone within the digital ecosystem can enter categories on condition that where required your campaign activity reaches consumers in a specified region if entering our Regional Awards, for example the USA, MENA or APAC.

Your OPM, agency or business can be located in any global territory, there is no requirement to have a physical presence in the region to enter.

The awards are open to Advertisers, Publishers, Media Owners, Agencies, Networks, Startups, Technology Providers or Individuals who operate in the Performance Marketing sector.

Entries may be made directly by the company or via an authorised agent such as their network, agency or PR agency.

Entries may be submitted for multiple categories – there will be a charge for each entry submitted. Please use the correct entry template for each category.

Guidance for Campaign Based Awards

Judges are seeking a ‘best of the best’ campaign across all regions.

There is no requirement for activity to be multi-market this year. The campaign can be targeted at consumers in one or more country.

Campaigns entered into the UK awards in April may be entered into the International Performance Marketing Awards.

However, the campaign activity for the entry must have taken place between the awards activity period of 10.07.18 and 24.07.19 and must demonstrate an increase/change to the results from when it was last entered.

Guidance For Vertical Awards

Judges are seeking a ‘best of the best’ campaign across all regions.

There is no requirement for activity to be multi-market. The campaign can be targeted at consumers in one or more countries.

Campaigns entered into the UK awards in April may be entered into the Western Europe category, enabling you to compete with other companies across the rest of Europe.

However, the campaign activity for the entry must have taken place between the awards activity period of 10 July 2018 and 24 July 2019 and must demonstrate an increase/change to the results from when it was last entered.

Guidance for Regional Awards

The entry can be managed from any country or region. The entry will qualify a long as the campaign or strategy targets consumers in one or more countries within the specified region (i.e. LATAM).

There is no requirement for the activity to be multi-country.

For clarity USA also includes Canada and MENA includes South Africa, LATAM also includes Brazil sub-region.


Following feedback from entrants and industry experts, we have made some substantial changes to the IPMAs for 2019.

There is a new category structure, with the Industry Choice scoring having been revised to include 60% judges scores and 40% voted for by the industry:

  • Best Affiliate Network
  • Best CPA Network
  • Best Saas Platform
  • Best Technology
  • Best Team in Performance Marketing (NEW)
  • Best Agency

All entrants will be required to complete an entry template, which will be scored by our judges. When the shortlist is announced, companies that have been successfully shortlisted will go straight into a public vote.

Each of the above awards has different entry requirements, so please ensure you read the full details for the specific categories you plan on entering.

Voting opens when the shortlist in announced. When placing your vote, only one representative per company will be counted – please make sure you are the designated voter for your company before placing your vote. Votes will only be counted from official company email accounts – Gmail, Hotmail and other such email addresses will be not be accepted.


To be eligible to enter each award, the activity must have taken place between 10.07.18–24.07.19

The entry must generate revenue based on a performance metric. Hybrid or Tenancy type campaigns can be entered on condition that there is some CPA / performance-based activity attached.


We have created a set of entry templates to use. These are not mandatory but they are recommended and you must follow the criteria set by them and answer each section in full.

Avoiding judging penalties:

Do not exceed the 3-page limit with an entry, with the exception of the following categories which can be up to 4 pages:

  • Best Affiliate Network
  • Best CPA Network
  • Best Agency

Do not use a font smaller than 10px.

Try not to differ from the structure of the provided template. Though you may use your own design, the criteria and page limit must still be followed. We encourage you to use the judging template provided to ensure you are not penalised.

There is a bespoke entry template for each category. Please ensure you are using the correct one as judging criteria differs for certain awards.

If you wish to design your own template this is accepted but your entry cannot be more than the stated maximum page limit for your chosen category.

The cover sheet we provide must be completed for ALL entries, if using our templates or creating your own. This is an essential part of the judging process.

When uploading your entries to our site, please be aware that there is a maximum file size limit of 10MB per document.

Download the templates within our Entry Kit

Withdrawing an Entry

Entries can be withdrawn up until 24.07.19 and up until that point will be eligible for a full refund. Past that date entries will be able to be withdrawn until the shortlist is announced but the entry fee will be non-refundable.

Commercial Confidence

It is very important that you provide evidence of commercial success and ROI, without these the judges cannot measure the success of your campaign and you may lose out on points otherwise easily gained.

We understand that this information is of a sensitive matter and therefore all judges will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Any information you put into your entry will automatically be treated as ‘for judges eyes only’ and no information from your entry will go further than the judges. All judges are vetted for conflicts and any issues, no matter how small will be taken seriously both for our reputation and your peace of mind.

If you have any questions regarding commercial confidence please call the founder and managing director of PerformanceIN, Matthew Wood on +44 117 990 2940.

Dates for your calendar

  • 29.05.19 Submissions open
  • 10.07.19 Earlybird entries close
  • 17.07.19 Regular entry deadline
  • 24.07.19 Last chance entry deadline
  • 11.09.19 Shortlist unveiled
  • 11.09.19 Voting opens
  • 18.09.19 Voting closes
  • 21.10.19 IPMA ceremony

Industry testimonial

“We were honoured to be a part of the International Performance Marketing Awards 2018! The event offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the success of the top industry players and recognise their input, passion and hard work.

We have always valued vision and innovation, which is why we wanted to show our appreciation by contributing as headline sponsor at the International Performance Marketing Awards in 2018.”

Marc Majewski, CEO,
— advanced store