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Sarah Hohman

Digital Marketing Program Manager
Sarah Hohman
About Sarah Hohman

Sarah is currently the in-house Affiliate and Performance Marketing Program manager at Cabela’s, a leading outdoor retailer. She has a range of experience within the industry, including the network, agency and advertiser sides. Sarah has successfully implement shared attribution models across mature programs, as well as found growth and optimization within well establish programs through in unique ways such as creating influencer programs built into the affiliate program. She takes a very innovative, data-driven and relationship focused approach to performance marketing, which has resulted in improved program efficiencies, proven incrementality and tremendous program growth.


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Dates for your calendar

  • 04.08.17 Entries are closed
  • 05.09.17 Shortlist unveiled
  • 06.10.17 Voting closed
  • 23.10.17 The Performance Marketing Awards Ceremony

Industry testimonial

“The global Performance Marketing Awards offers a unique opportunity to recognize the top performers in the industry in an objective and independent manner. They categories have been well thought out and will highlight and recognize the best in the business on a global level for the first time.”

Robert Glazer, Founder & Managing Director, Acceleration Partners