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We actually do what other agencies would love to offer: scalable campaigns with a truly full service. Performance-oriented and flexible. Using our own technologies, we take you from the initial concept all the way to total success.

ad4mat, our product for performance display, allows advertisers and publishers worldwide to achieve extraordinary revenues. And just like ad4mat one, our preeminent platform for programmatic advertising, the data market place advanced audience is 100% geared towards increasing online sales. All with one clear objective: more sales for you. How do we accomplish this? Using the power of innovation and an amazing team that has grown to over 35 people since 2008. For our several hundred customers, we currently generate a monthly total of 100,000 commercial transactions. #PayPerSale

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Dates for your calendar

  • 11.09.19 Shortlist unveiled
  • 11.09.19 Voting opens
  • 18.09.19 Voting closes
  • 21.10.19 IPMA ceremony

Industry testimonial

“We were honoured to be a part of the International Performance Marketing Awards 2018! The event offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the success of the top industry players and recognise their input, passion and hard work.

We have always valued vision and innovation, which is why we wanted to show our appreciation by contributing as headline sponsor at the International Performance Marketing Awards in 2018.”

Marc Majewski, CEO,
— advanced store