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The Nomination and Voting Process


Nominations are now closed and the shortist will be announced on 6 June. The voting round will open on 13 June where it will be one vote per company, so you'll need to discuss who you're preferred partner is with your colleagues and choose wisely.

If there are any questions surrounding this process please email events@performancein.com.

Canvassing for votes

Whilst we encourage companies to actively canvas for votes for example via email or social media, we do not endorse any form of incentivisation.

Our definitions:

Industry Choice of Network

For the purpose of the award a network is defined as a tracking platform that enables advertisers and publishers to work effectively together on a CPA, CPI, Cost Per Sale or other measurable metric. The network may or may not have in-house account management but will make combined monthly or more frequent payments to their partners. The network must work in more than one territory and / or country.

Industry Choice of Agency

An agency or Outsourced Programme Management (OPM) that operates in more than one territory and / or country with one or more advertisers working on a performance basis.

Industry Choice of Technology

For this award a technology is defined as any tool that enables those working within the performance marketing ecosystem to maximise their effectiveness or ROI. For the avoidance of doubt this does not include technologies whose core purpose is to track sales. Those companies should enter the network award instead.



Sponsors & Partners

Dates for your calendar

  • 04.08.17 Entries are closed
  • 05.09.17 Shortlist unveiled
  • 06.10.17 Voting closed
  • 23.10.17 The Performance Marketing Awards Ceremony

Industry testimonial

“The global Performance Marketing Awards offers a unique opportunity to recognize the top performers in the industry in an objective and independent manner. They categories have been well thought out and will highlight and recognize the best in the business on a global level for the first time.”

Robert Glazer, Founder & Managing Director, Acceleration Partners